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Measuring baby’s feet
The best way to find out the right size for baby is to simply measure baby’s feet as this is more accurate than going by age/shoe size.

The simplest way is to download our true-to-size guide. If not, either directly on the feet themselves – from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe – or draw around the foot on paper then measure as previously mentioned or even simpler is to download our true-to-life size guide.

If baby’s foot touches the edge of a size then we recommend buying a larger size so baby is comfortable with room to grow and wriggle their feet.

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The right choice . . . . the right size. Here is a size comparison chart:

Zoojoy SizeInches/cmEURUSAUKAge(Approx.)
Small4/10.5183(3C)30-6 months
Medium4.65/12205(5C)46-12 months
Large5.25/13.5227(7C)5up to 24 months